Cheating Huh?

sadIt didn’t take too long for a cheater to show their face for my Starbucks contest. It’s obvious that they didn’t bother to read a little bit about me to know that I’m more than a little bit tech savvy and those same IP addresses would just scream out at me as I look through the comments – yes, I look through EVERY one of them. I try to be fair when I go through comments but if you didn’t answer the question or even read the requirements for entry then you’re getting deleted and if you try to cheat me you are getting deleted. It take a lot of time and effort to set up contests, not to mention the money that is put up – yes, Buzz paid for this prize out of his own pocket and it’s not even his blog, I wasn’t given something to give away (not that this would justify cheating in any case), my family purchased it from our own hard earned cash. So no, you won’t get away with cheating and just to make sure you don’t try it again your IP has been blacklisted.

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One Response to “Cheating Huh?”

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    DG says:

    that’s annoying! I can get competitive with contests but I wouldn’t cheat. I even tell my sisters not to enter same contests as me because you just never know.

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