Grocery Run 10/19

Coin JarIt’s been almost a month since my last grocery run so we were long overdue for groceries today. While I had planned on working on my first application getting sent in today I ended up spending most of the morning corresponding with two potential advisers at UCR and by the time I had written two satisfactory e-mails it was already early afternoon. You should probably also know that this morning I hit the gym and did my usual routines so I didn’t spend ALL morning on these e-mails but it certainly was a good chunk of it. Anyhow I had planned on having the entire day to do a good job with each application so since the day was half over and I have a vet visit scheduled tomorrow I thought it best to do our grocery run today.

I didn’t snag pics of my receipt today because I had already trashed it and then cleaned out the freezer – I wasn’t about to dig through some of the things I found in that freezer combined with trash to take a picture for you guys, sorry! I did manage to get the shop done for $70 and change, saving over $40; however, I am not as pleased with my shop today. My cart was loaded up with overly salted, under nutritionally sound frozen meals but needs must, I suppose! All in all it was a successful shop though and the cashier even accepted my three day old coupon for Barilla spaghetti sauce which was already BOGO so I got it for next to nothing. I also snagged some HT ice cream sandwiches (because if I don’t get sweets it’s all we will crave until I go to the store again!) for $1.79, Two steam fresh meals for $5.99 (on sale for $5.99 each with a BOGO coupon added in for good measure), One Hormel ready to eat turkey and gravy entree for $4.00 (on sale for $5 with a coupon added in), and…well, to be quite honest it’s one of those days and I’ve completely forgotten what else I picked up. It wasn’t what I would call a “great shop” but I still saved $40 by shopping the circular and coupons so it wasn’t a total disaster either – plus I got ingredients for turkey chili which will feed us well for a good four days!

I better get back to assembling some sort of schedule for what’s left of the day, although I have a terrible feeling that it might be a write off because I’ll be hell bent if I can remember what else I was supposed to get done!

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3 Responses to “Grocery Run 10/19”

  1. 1
    DG says:

    almost a MONTH since your last grocery run? do you buy in bulk. that is like a dream come true ..less time at the grocery store = a much happier me. It’s so hard to go in and stick to a list…so many goodies!

    • Amy says:

      I don’t buy in bulk but I do have Buzz run to the store to stock up basics such as bread/milk/eggs at least once in the time between grocery shops, other wise it’s just the two of us so most meals we buy will feed us for two meals 🙂

  2. 2
    yefi says:

    i love coupon clipping. im a coupon addict and i get a thrill from other people’s deals as well. thanks!

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