Grocery Run

92109receiptIt has been almost three weeks since my last grocery shop – yes my last shop lasted us THAT long; however, I admit to Buzz taking me to lunch a few times a week just to get us out of the house to prevent cabin fever. Although we still have one frozen pizza and one Tupperware filled with pork BBQ left in the freezer other necessities were running low and with it being triple coupon week at Harris Teeter I took an hour to run down there today and pick up some stuff.

Today’s total with coupons and Harris Teeter deals was $76.96. There is nothing like watching those triple coupons go through…except for maybe the EVIC freebie this week! Yup select EVIC members got free low fat Ballpark Angus hotdogs – freezerworthy since we bought two packs last shop and still have one in the freezer. Today’s $76.96 bought: Chex Mix, Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner, Doritos, Poptarts ( for 54c), Ortega taco kit, Ortega salsa, Extra virgin olive oil, 4 Yakisoba noodle boxes, Electrasol dishwashing tabs, Hines diced tomatoes, Skintimate shaving cream, 2 NY strip steaks, 96% extra lean ground beef, Angus stew meat, Turkey meatballs, 2 Gala apples, Iceburg lettuce, 2lb carrots, 5lb Russet potatoes, Button mushrooms, Gorton breaded fish fillets, State Fair corn dogs, HT french fries, Pillsbury French bread, Buitoni ravioli, FREE low fat Ballpark Angus hot dogs, Tony Roma shredded beef BBQ, and Opti saline solution.

The cleaning and health and beauty products bumped the bill up a little but it’s enough food to keep us going for another two weeks at least if not longer. Again, not as healthy as preferred but we’re living on a tight budget these days and at least this week we got a bit more fresh meat thrown in to the mix!

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One Response to “Grocery Run”

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    yefi says:

    ha cabin fever. i spoil myself once in a while too. you need a nice reward for being so careful!

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