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freecycleI am foregoing Wordless Wednesday today to share something truly amazing with you. Due to the fact that we will soon be moving we are on the hunt for moving boxes. The first thought was that we’d have to buy one of those $200 packages of boxes from Sam’s Club and then I started searching the net for more economical ideas. Craigslist was one solution – just search free moving boxes, people are GIVING AWAY their moving boxes for free. Then came the second suggestion of Freecycle.org.

Freecycle.org is all about recycling materials and goods that are no longer needed by one family and are desperately wanted by another – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” type of thing. So I joined up to our local branch of Freecycle and within a day (you have to be approved) I started getting message after message from the group with items that people were giving away and items people were looking for. Seriously some of this stuff is amazing and it’s all free!!!!

In addition to finding multiple loads of moving boxes we have also managed to make one woman’s dream of a patio table and chairs come true whilst unloading our patio table and chairs that we were considering just taking to the dump! There is absolutely nothing wrong with them we just can’t take them with us on our move!  It feels great to be able to give someone a gift and at the same time unload something you’ve been agonizing over paying the trash removal service to come and take. Next to go is an old TV I think, or perhaps that massive desk downstairs that just won’t fit in our new apartment! If you haven’t already go and check out your local branch of Freecycle.org it really is AMAZING!

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