Thrifty Sundays

CouponsSunday mornings always go the same way in our house, up late and an hour or so spent at the coffee table with our tea (I am English you know) and coffee (Buzz’s relationship with coffee is something that would make any woman jealous) and our newspaper and laptop. Buzz and his laptop are simply inseperable from the moment he wakes to the moment he sleeps…which is rarely, but I spend my Sunday mornings waking up slowly, a pair of scissors in hand and the coupons section of the newspaper strewn across the table while I fish out the best deals of the week.

I honestly can’t tell you how I lived live before coupons, well actually I can – I spent money that I could have been saving had I only spent a little time each week clipping out coupons and working on a grocery list. These days I save a minimum of $50 per grocery shop, the need arose from necessity and while funds are still tight the thrill of couponing is enough to keep my relationship with the Sunday morning paper alive.

The trick to really saving money with couponing is to put the time in and not to be picky (why be picky about your brand when with coupons you can get a different brand for less than $1?). I clip coupons for brands that I don’t frequently use because you never know when those brands will match up with the grocery store flyer for the week and you’ll wind up with a different brand of a frequently shopped item for next to nothing – hey, I’ll sacrifice a brand name for nearly free, wouldn’t you? After grouping my coupons I stack them away in my empty check box (what? use a check box for check books? what are you thinking?) Come Wednesday when Harris Teeter puts out their flyer I will spend a good two to three hours making my list, matching up coupons with store specials, finding printable coupons online (check out A Full Cup) that match up the “must have” items from the list and making sure that I have a coupon for next to everything I can find while maintaining some level of nutrition in our meal plan for the week.

Hey, no one said that couponing was easy or quick but $50 saved for 3 hrs of work? I’ll take it!

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2 Responses to “Thrifty Sundays”

  1. 1
    Queen Bee says:

    I never thought to use a check box for that purpose. Smart!

    Thanks for that link too. I’ll have to go check it out. I love coupons!

  2. 2
    yefi says:

    you put the time in and it pays off. love when they scan my coupons and the price gets lower!

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