What A Day!

first aidLast night consisted of just a few hours of fitful sleep. I woke up every hour on the hour worried that the swelling in my boys nose would not stop. By midnight last night his nose resembled Rudolph in color and a golf ball in size. By 1am his breathing was slow and steady although my imagination made it slow and labored as I stared at him each and every time I awoke to make sure that he was still breathing. By this morning infection was well under way and his nose was oozing something I was confident I couldn’t face before breakfast. I knew, however, that I had face it because, well, who else would? So I jumped in the car and headed to Walgreens to pick up Betadine. After washing his wounds with Betadine it became apparent that we needed a trip to the local vet and luckily for us it’s a vet we’ve visited before while visiting Mum and Dad.

We got an emergency appointment due to our “dog bite” status and flew down to the vet’s office. What followed at the vet’s office turned my stomach upside down, inside out and back again ten times over. The vet actually dared to squeeze my dogs nose, not only did she squeeze it but she insisted on smelling the green and yellow discharge that resulted from her prodding. I was glad I hadn’t eaten any breakfast at this point because I was about to vomit from the small piece of gum that had rescued my plummeting blood sugar in the waiting room. She confirmed that he had a serious and extremely deep infection that had already set in (this was all obtained from smelling the foul substance that she forced from Jet’s nose.) She also noted cloudiness in his eyes which could suggest cataracts. I sighed, both out of sadness and pain for the horrendous bill that was, by this time, imminent.

There was poking and prodding and the asking a long line of questions detailing the last eight years of my son’s life. We covered our recent check up and the all clear on his urinalysis as well as his cloudy eyes – with a side note that his pupils are slower to react; however, this could be due to his sure terror that she was about to squeeze his nose a second time. He is given one shot of penicillin to help clear the massive infection of his nose (and possibly nostril if it was a complete puncture), and one shot of pain killers as well as a doggy bag filled with three other medications to help stave off the infection: a pain killer (Deramaxx), an antibiotic (I couldn’t begin to tell you what this one is called), and an antibiotic cream.

By the time we return home, my wallet a whole $251 lighter…or should I say my credit card a whole $251 heavier, and Jet was exhausted. Drying his nose once¬† more we left him to the couch and secluded the other dogs to the bedroom while we ran a couple of errands that should have made up the bulk of our day had we not madly rushed to the vet instead. By this afternoon the swelling on Jet’s nose resembles only a small speed bump at the end of his snout and there is, I am glad to report, no green bubble on it. Despite a severe thirst resulting from his pain killing injection Jet is well on the road to recovery…and I am absolutely exhausted.

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