Zenni Optical – My Glasses Are Here! *Review*

glassesI absolutely hate putting pictures of myself on my blog but for the sake of sharing my new glasses from Zenni Optical I decided I would share anyway – besides I had the guts to share my bikini pic so what’s a face shot right? So this is my favorite pair of the two pairs of glasses that I ordered. This pair cost me $9.95 total (model 45180 if you’re interested). I chose this pair because they closely resembled the pair I had already and was slightly nervous about trying something new without trying them on first. This pair is a wire framed pair of glasses in brown with just the basic lens.

pinkglassesThis is the second pair I ordered (forgive the flash but this is the best of the few pictures I shot.) I chose this pair because they slightly resembled my other glasses but they are pink and a little more ‘dainty’ (model 41030.) This pair cost me $8 even and also came with the basic lens. This pair has extremely fragile wire arms so I do not use them as my everyday glasses because I am known for breaking just about everything that can be broken.

I ordered my two pairs of glasses on 9/24, they were shipped from California on 10/5 – the glasses are outsourced overseas according to their website. My glasses arrived yesterday afternoon, shipped priority USPS. I was concerned about the package when I received it because the glasses were packed in a baggie mailer! Opening the baggie, however, I found both pairs of glasses were packed inside clear hard cases with cleaning clothes wrapped around them to prevent any scratching during shipping.

Overall I am still in disbelief that I received two pairs of glasses for a grand total of $22.90 when my first pair of glasses cost me over $100! By order of Buzz I am also ordering a pair of thicker framed glasses after trying on his thicker frames and receiving compliments. For $8, you can’t really go wrong!

The only thing I will say about the Zenni glasses it that you most definitely need to drop a few extra dollars ($5) on anti-reflective coating. Last night while watching a movie with lighting coming from behind me I found myself looking at a refection of my eyeball in my glasses – there is something quite disconcerting about looking in to your own eyes while trying to watch a movie! Even with the added $5 for anti-reflective coating; however, you’re saving an insane amount of money compared to those mall stores that up-sell you on just about everything you don’t need!

On top of fast shipping and cheap pricing my favorite thing about Zenni? I can get three pairs of glasses for less than half of what I paid for my first pair from one of those chain store optical departments!

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3 Responses to “Zenni Optical – My Glasses Are Here! *Review*”

  1. 1
    Queen Bee says:

    Isn’t Zenni fantastic? I heart them much! I think I need to go buy a new pair or three for fun now!

  2. 2
    DG says:

    these glasses are great! people always ask me why I don’t just get lasik but honestly I love a good pair of frames 🙂

  3. 3
    yefi says:

    they look great on you! im in the market for new frames as well. need cheap ones at that too haha!

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